Street Photography Workshops in London

I host monthly London street photography workshops with Craig Whitehead a.k.a Sixstreetunder (upcoming event: 28th July, 2018). These sessions provide a cost effective introduction to street photography and cater for all levels of photography experience. I also offer 1-2-1 private tuition by appointment.

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Street photography can be quite daunting at first. However, Joshua makes it effortlessly simple. He shares his abundant knowledge with relentless passion and his tips were eye opening for me. I’ve never been more confident to shoot alone now, because he taught me how to connect with the world and visualise the endless possibilities.
— @iamaxime

Overcome street photography fears & build confidence

Overcoming fears is one of the biggest mental challenges in street photography.

You'll learn the importance of projecting the right body language and respecting people's personal space. By the end of the day, you’ll have mastered the art of hiding in plain sight and, be confident about getting close to people when taking street photos.

  Image by  Clem (@    clemono2)

Learn the key street photography skills & techniques

Once you have developed the confidence to take photographs on the street, we'll start learning the key techniques and practice them in real world situations.

We'll then move on to more advanced street photography skills, such as zone focusing i.e. taking pictures of people within a manually set focus distance range.

  Image by  TJ (@lifeofteej)

Start to see, think & act like a street photographer

We’ll work on visualising scenes and show you the power of anticipation. You’ll also discover the importance of good footwork and preparation.

At the end of the London street photography workshop you will have gained the necessary skills, knowledge and mindset to take your street photography to the next level.

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I’ve attended a couple of street photography workshops with Josh and to say that he opened my eyes to the world of street photography is a real understatement. He is an incredible photographer and his ability to create art is unrivalled. I left both workshops feeling I’d learnt so much, and the best thing is he’s willing to teach you everything he knows.

From start to finish, Josh was sharing the art with me and there was never a point when I felt the passion from Josh faded. You really are getting so much value for money and having access to someone with Josh’s talent is so great. I’ve been to other workshops before, but Josh’s totally blew them out of the water.

If you want to see a massive improvement in your street photography and you’re in two minds about doing a workshop, or with whom - please stop thinking and sign up to this workshop. I can assure you: it’ll be the best photography related decision you’ve ever made! With Josh being one of my absolute photography heroes, I’ve also purchased a print of his that I wake up to every morning - I’d strongly recommend purchasing one, the quality is brilliant.
— Raji Guna
 Learn street photography in London.
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 Learn street photography in London.