London After Dark: Street Photography at Night

I always feel the most inspiration to shoot street photography at night. For me, the city comes alive and the rich colours open up lots of creative possibilities for photographers. 

People often believe that street photography at night is more difficult, or that special equipment is required — neither is true.

Firstly, during the day there's often so much going on that it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. Everything is a potential photo. But at night, less of the city is illuminated, so there are less distractions and it becomes easier to spot opportunities. Secondly, if you're working with good light sources, there shouldn't be a need for super fast lenses or crazy high ISO performance — even the most modest of modern cameras are suitable for street photography at night.

I am currently putting together a post with some tips on street photography at night. In the meantime, please find below 10 street photos taken after dark:

What conditions most inspire you to go shooting? Share your thoughts in the comments below (no login required).

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