Edit My Photo Challenge #1

Post-processing is one of the most important stages in digital photography. Not only is it a way to express your personal style, but it's also a great opportunity to further enhance the sense a story in the photo.

In this first challenge, I'm sharing one of my original photos (untouched), for you to process using the editing app / software of your choice.

I'll be updating this post with your submissions over the next 24hrs. All you need to do is send your post-processed image to hello@joshkjack.com along with your name and a link to your Instagram URL (so I can credit you).

You can download the RAW or JPEG files here: https://goo.gl/mNqJRv (link now expired)

Finally, feel free to ask me any questions about post-processing in the comments below. I'm no expert, but I'll do my best to answer!

  Before:  Original file (untouched)  @joshkjack

Before: Original file (untouched) @joshkjack

  After:  RAW file processed in Lightroom  @joshkjack

After: RAW file processed in Lightroom @joshkjack

Your Submissions:

Send your edited image, name and Instagram URL to hello@joshkjack.com to be featured here!

 Katharina Fernández:  @thestreetfeed

Katharina Fernández: @thestreetfeed

 Ryan Cole:  @atelier_dope

Ryan Cole: @atelier_dope

 Fariz Hakim:  @  farizshakim

Fariz Hakim: @farizshakim

 Mateaus Wilkinson:  @mateauswilkinson

Mateaus Wilkinson: @mateauswilkinson

 Lisa Upman:  @liza_upman

Lisa Upman: @liza_upman

 Royce de Wit:  @royce_m_leblanc

Royce de Wit: @royce_m_leblanc

 Petya Rogacheva:  @petyarogacheva

Petya Rogacheva: @petyarogacheva

 Andy Kirby:  @mrkirby.photography
 Ludvig Perés:  @ludvigperes

Ludvig Perés: @ludvigperes

 Gurtej Bhamra:  @gurtejb

Gurtej Bhamra: @gurtejb

 Yannick Légaré:  @yan_mtl

Yannick Légaré: @yan_mtl

 Felipe Mazzoni:  @fmazzoni

Felipe Mazzoni: @fmazzoni

 Petter Rustad:  @mittenedhands

Petter Rustad: @mittenedhands

 Ronaldo Santos:  @rrssantos

Ronaldo Santos: @rrssantos

 Thomas Rossmann:  @tomwanted

Thomas Rossmann: @tomwanted

 Joshua Britton:  @joshua.britton

Joshua Britton: @joshua.britton

 Cristina Bataller:  @cristina.bataller

Cristina Bataller: @cristina.bataller

 Saarah R:  @saarahrphotography
 Rejan Rashid:  @kurdbaba

Rejan Rashid: @kurdbaba

 Cătălin Bălășic:  @catalin.b_

Cătălin Bălășic: @catalin.b_

 Stefanie Pungerova:  @steffie_pungerova

Stefanie Pungerova: @steffie_pungerova

 Ebby Amir:  @ebbyamir

Ebby Amir: @ebbyamir

 Charlie Harris:  @98.char

Charlie Harris: @98.char

 Johan Hagberg:  @hagbergphotos

Johan Hagberg: @hagbergphotos

 Mitch Rosen:  @focus_mitch

Mitch Rosen: @focus_mitch

 Emmanuel van den Brûle:  @emmanuelvdbrule

Emmanuel van den Brûle: @emmanuelvdbrule

 James Rowan:  @fstopclick37

James Rowan: @fstopclick37

 Gavi Ravechandran:  @gaviravi

Gavi Ravechandran: @gaviravi

 Dennis Nop:  @denntis

Dennis Nop: @denntis

 Philippe Allard:  @mister.allard

Philippe Allard: @mister.allard

 Ben Lundsten:  @blundsten

Ben Lundsten: @blundsten

 Anth Winter:  @anthsphotos

Anth Winter: @anthsphotos

 David Cross:  @david.cross914

David Cross: @david.cross914

 Nikolay Bogdev:  @nikolay_b

Nikolay Bogdev: @nikolay_b

 Anselm Eitelbös:  @anselm.e

Anselm Eitelbös: @anselm.e

 Adeola Adeko:  @hrsdee

Adeola Adeko: @hrsdee

 Aurélien Essaïdi:   @aur_essa

Aurélien Essaïdi:  @aur_essa

 Jack Leyreloup:  @jack_leyreloup

Jack Leyreloup: @jack_leyreloup

 Josiah Jose:  @josiah.jose

Josiah Jose: @josiah.jose

 David Quick:  @dvlpingdave

David Quick: @dvlpingdave

 Jon Tenholder:  @thugcurse

Jon Tenholder: @thugcurse

 Elton Delgado:  @eltondelgado

Elton Delgado: @eltondelgado

 Rodrigo Betancor:  @uberrad

Rodrigo Betancor: @uberrad

 Huan Zheng:  @huanzheng1119

Huan Zheng: @huanzheng1119

 Cyrus Chuang:  @zhou__lu

Cyrus Chuang: @zhou__lu

 Biel Granollers Bespin:  @bielbespin

Biel Granollers Bespin: @bielbespin

 James Magill:  @jamesmagillphoto

James Magill: @jamesmagillphoto

  Ely Barrera, Jr:  @medyoannoying

 Ely Barrera, Jr: @medyoannoying

 Bryan D:  @bdan_4

Bryan D: @bdan_4

 Aditya H. Khandeparkar:  @aditya.khandeparkar

Aditya H. Khandeparkar: @aditya.khandeparkar

 Rex Adams:  @rexjadams

Rex Adams: @rexjadams

 Raj Tailor:  @raj_tailor

Raj Tailor: @raj_tailor

MY favourite 3:

Thanks to everyone who took part in this editing challenge. The overall quality of submissions has been exceptional - you're all winners!

Picking out just one image was an impossible task so I decided to pick three instead. These photos brilliantly illustrate how post-processing can showcase individual style and bring the artist's vision to life.

Thank you for reading. Please 'like' and feel free to ask any questions below (no login required).

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