I'm a London based photographer specialising in street photography and social documentary photography.

I'm best known for using a bold palette to help illustrate the vibrancy of life in Central London, whilst also exploring themes of diversity and disparity. My work often enters into abstraction and presents the viewer with an unfamiliar view of a familiar city.

I host regular street photography workshops in London and sell limited edition street photography art prints to fine art collectors, enthusiasts, companies and interior designers around the world.

Alongside my personal work, I deliver photography and advisory services to clients such as Google, Apple, Hendrick’s Gin, Monkey Shoulder and Bacardi. I enjoy working in partnership direct clients and creative agencies through every stage of the process, turning ideas into reality.

Portrait by  Sean Tucker .

Portrait by Sean Tucker.

Joshua K. Jackson is a terrific street photographer from London. On paper he’s relatively new to the genre, but his already stunning body of work is every bit as compelling as those by some of his photographic heroes. Though Josh is quick to point out that he still has a lot to learn, his dedication to photography as both an art and a craft is immediately evident in his use of bold color and superb composition to communicate mood and narrative. While he often leaves the house with any sort of expectation or agenda, he says that the energy and buzz of the city is like fuel to keep shooting, especially since you never know what the scene could be just around the next corner.
— Jeffery Saddoris
Grazia France (March, 2019)

Grazia France (March, 2019)